When will my order ship?

Right now orders are shipping within 2-4 business days of order placement.  If you paid for expedited shipping, your order will ship within 24 hours (during the week) or on Monday if you placed your order over the weekend.

Will you have kids masks available?

Yes we now have kids masks available!  Our kids masks are available in a Little Kids Size and Youth Size.  Our masks feature an adjustable ear loop so you can adjust the straps to fit your child.  We are adding a lot more kids & youth styles over the next few weeks, so check back often!

Do you sell the filters?

Yes, filters are now available!

How should the filters be used?

The filters are meant to be used for approx 3 days at a time and then should be thrown away.  Filters are not washable and reusable.

Where are you located?

Our warehouse and distribution is in City of industrial, CA.  That is where all orders ship from.

Do you sell your masks in bulk to businesses?

Yes we do!  Please contact us at sales@liphilyadesign.com for a quote for your business.  We also offer options for putting your logo on our masks.

How should I wash my mask?

Masks should be washed after every use.  We recommend having at least 2 masks on hand per person because of this.  We recommend hand washing your mask in warm water.  You should lay your mask flat to dry.  *PLEASE NOTE* The outside layer of our masks is made of polyester.  If you dry your mask on a heat setting your mask WILL shrink.  We are not responsible.

You can stretch your mask back out by pulling on both sides of the ear loops several times.

I received my mask and it's too small, what can be done?

Our masks are a standard size and fit most face sizes and shapes.  We do not guarantee that our masks will fit everyone.  Since our masks are non-returnable, for healthy and safety reasons, we recommend just purchasing one mask first to test the fit of it, before purchasing additional masks, to make sure that our masks will work for you.  We cannot refund you if our masks do not fit you. 

You can hold each end of the mask by the ear loops and give it several strong tugs to help stretch out the ear loops and loosen the fresh new fabric a bit for a more comfortable fit.  This can also be done after washing your mask to stretch it back out again.

I received my masks and they look like different sizes, what can I do?

Our masks are hand made and there might be a slight variation to the fit.  We do have 2 different sewing styles for our masks which can make one style appear to be smaller than another style.  Please rest assured that our masks are the same size.  The style with the pleats on the sides of the mask will stretch out to be the same size and have the same coverage as the style that is sewn flat.  Once you try your masks on you will see that they have the same coverage.